gibberish in my head I’m trying to get out//

the Lord has really been revealing to me how selfish I am this week. and it’s one of those qualities that I never thought of myself as possessing but that He has been consistently convicting me of. whether it’s been something little like sharing or just in the way I’ve been spending my personal time. something that’s really taken hold in my life is having the viewpoint of “everything single thing points back to Jesus!” *ultimately, being selfish with my time is not just about me prioritizing it correctly so I’m spending it on other people/tasks but it’s about me spending enough of my time with Christ. in His word, being sanctified! dying to myself- to be made more like Jesus!!! this. is. the. goal.

side note: i am thankful to have a heart that is open to see my flaws but more importantly seeing the power of prayer. i have been in continual prayer that Christ would convict me of things that are not of Him and He has been SO faithful. over and over. He wants good things for us. believe in that over the lies that say we don’t. scripture is true and all things profitable. cling to that!

[messy head: part 1]

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